Project Linkkikioski

Linkkikioski aims to strengthen cooperation between home and school.

The Multicultural Act of 2020

The Multicultural Act of 2020 has been awarded to the Multicultural Day Care, Home, and School Association

An expert in a multilingual home

Children often learn Finnish incredibly quickly. It’s important that the child’s mother tongue is supported and strengthened. 

What is mvkk?

The purpose of the Multicultural Early Childhood Education, School, and Home Association (Mvkk in Finnish) is to strengthen cooperation between early childhood education centres, schools, and parents with culturally and linguistically diverse backgrounds. Mvkk also supports children to develop a balanced cultural identity and promotes, in every way, the integration of multilingual children, young people, and their families into Finnish society. 

Multicultural and multilingual children will soon be adults. They will determine what kind of future Finland will have.

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Oikeus kasvaa Suomessa -hanke

Oikeus kasvaa Suomessa -hanke

Huhtikuussa 2022 käynnistyi uusi hanke. Siinä tullaan tarjoamaan perheille kulttuurisensitiivistä tukea vaiheessa, jossa kodin turvassa kasvanut lapsi siirtyy yläkouluun, alkaa liikkua aiempaa itsenäisemmin ja kiinnittyy entistä vahvemmin kaveripiiriinsä. Hanke...

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