What is MoniVille?

Your mother tongue is the basis of your thinking. 

It’s also an important part of your own culture. Those living in Finland have the right to maintain and develop their own language and culture. Your mother tongue is also needed to communicate in daily conversation. 

Furthermore, studies show that bilingualism and multilingualism are also useful when it comes to learning foreign languages. So, preserving and developing your own mother tongue also helps in learning the Finnish language. 

Mvkk’s Moniville project (2020-2021) resulted in the production of online learning materials for schools in the Turku region in the following languages: 













The project increased equality between students. While the project has particularly served the needs of the target group during the coronavirus pandemic, the materials will also be used in the future, especially if remote learning becomes more widespread. The materials help to develop the students’ skills in their mother tongue, while deepening their appreciation of the language. The project also offered guidance and support for teachers and further developed their digital skills. The Ville Project was funded by the City of Turku.

A group photo of the Ville Project team

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